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Retaining walls are a classic feature that can enhance any yard's appearance and offers countless practical benefits. We at Edmonton Stone Designers have 37 years of experience in retaining wall construction and repair in Sturgeon County, Edmonton, St. Albert and surrounding areas. When you come to us, we assess your property, requirements and unique taste to provide you with customized solutions. Our designer works with you to create and repair a retainer wall that meets your needs and improves your home's overall look. Retaining walls help reduce soil erosion in sloped areas of your yard while making them apt for gardening and appealing to the eyes.  


As a part of our residential landscaping services in Edmonton, we can assist you with all aspects of retainer walls, including:

Versatile construction
Installation of specialized custom features to the retainer wall

What sets us apart is the high degree of customization that we offer. We provide many design colour, shape and size options for personalized retaining wall construction. You can also choose to add numerous elements such as flowerbeds, benches, planters, pillars, wall lights, cut caps and custom staircases. While designing and constructing your retainer wall, we always keep practicality in mind. Our designers generally use a broader base than the wall to promote stability, and we ensure proper drainage. We use tiered retainer walls, ranging from 2' to 12', and can employ weeping tile and geo grid when required. 

We have extensive knowledge of various retainer wall related products and can advise you regarding the same. Our team has experience working with both natural and man-made products. If you have questions regarding our services or need more information on retaining wall construction, talk to us.


Duration: 5-week project


Hear from the designer

This yard was a designer's dream, from the curves in the soft flowing wall to the water feature and fire pit. It was especially interesting, as it had to look pleasing because of the big event planned later that year. My clients choose a classic Euro stone paver and a tumbled Pisa 2 retainer wall. We developed 2-tiers, an upper patio area with a fire pit, a natural flagstone pathway to join these areas and a low maintenance area for the dogs.

Client expectations:

Landscape front and back yard for a new house
Construction of 2-tiered yard to host events
Stream and pond
Fire pit
Area to be used for a wedding

Planning to get a Patio?

Our team can build an elegant patio in your yard, around a pool or next to a fire pit with impressive lighting features.


The quality of our services is reflected in what our customers have to say about us.

Great bunch of people. They backed up their work and were very good at what they do. I just wish I would have done my whole driveway instead of just the walkway and stairs!


-Murray S.

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