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Making Alberta Beautiful, One Yard at a Time

A Beautiful Yard Is a Reality Now!

We have been in the business for 37 years now and have helped clients achieve the dream of a beautiful yard with our reliable landscaping services.


At Edmonton Stone Designers, we believe that everyone deserves a yard that they are proud of - it should be a section of your property that is a treat to your eyes and one that drives up your property's value. We are a one-stop-shop company with 37 years of experience in the field. As professional landscape designers in Sturgeon County, we offer dependable landscaping services to the area’s residential properties. When you come to us, we commit ourselves to transform your yard into a great outdoor space. We focus on bringing your vision to life with our experience and quality services. Our team of seasoned landscaping professionals works hard to incorporate your budget, taste, and requirements into the final design. We have a deep understanding of what works best on different properties and can assist you in all steps of your landscaping project.

Our landscape company in Edmonton is a one-stop-shop where we meet all of your landscaping needs, from complete yard transformations to seasonal maintenance services. Contact us to opt for our best-selling retaining wall and paving stone driveway construction service. 



Our landscape company began as a family-run business in 1984. Over the years, we have remained true to our roots and have continued to adhere to our values. Our experience has given us knowledge of different landscaping needs, and we can give you the yard of your dreams, no matter what it may be. Michele is the principal designer at Edmonton Stone Designers, who is on-site every day to ensure that everything is going by the plan. She also makes sure that all the construction is do-able and explains every aspect involved related to drainage and more to the customer.


We at Edmonton Stone Designers have the expertise, equipment and experience to meet all of your landscaping needs. Our services include:

Landscape design

Landscape design is the first and most crucial step in converting your yard into a beautiful outdoor space. Our landscape design services are:

Site preparation


When it comes to quality landscaping services, we can assist you in the installation and construction of the following features:


Fire features


 Artificial turf


 Irrigation systems

 Outdoor kitchens

Our team can help you with the installation of all the above-mentioned features in your outdoor space. At times, we also outsource some of the services such as the installation of decks, fencing, pergolas, gazebos, privacy screens, and trellises to the most reputed and our trusted subcontractors to help you achieve the desired decor goals in your yard. 


Stunning Patios Are a Call Away!

We can construct a perfect patio in your yard where you can enjoy the weather, a meal or have a conversation.

Custom Water Features

Turn your yard into a delight for the eyes with our custom-made water features such as waterfalls, bubbler rock, ponds and streams.

Decorative Rocks and Boulders

Add a subtle upgrade to your yard’s look with our decorative rocks and boulders. They are easy to maintain and affordable.


We are in partnership with the following companies:

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The quality of our services is reflected in what our customers have to say about us.

Great bunch of people. They backed up their work and were very good at what they do. I just wish I would have done my whole driveway instead of just the walkway and stairs!


-Murray S.

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